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At the end of the day, my goal is to make the homeowner excited about having a few less things to worry about, surprised that it cost less, and happy that it took less time to take care of then they had expected.

Handyman rate:

$68/hour during the workweek | Available for $85 per hour during odd hours and emergencies

Retired Seniors 10% off

For smaller jobs, a fair custom price will be given.

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Lower Your Electricity Bill

Installing a dimmer switch can greatly reduce the electricity you use and lower your monthly electric bill. Plus it can give you some great mood lighting.

Dimmer switches are available in many styles and configurations. There are slides, knobs, and touch-sensitive dimming mechanisms.

The most important things to be aware of are:

  1. Capacity (how many lights it can control). The capacity will be measured in watts. Add up the wattage of the bulbs in all the fixtures the switch controls to make sure it falls within the switch rating listed on the package or instructions.
  2. Single-pole or three-way. Buy a “single-pole” switch if one switch controls the lights or a “three-way” if you have two switches controlling the same lights.
  3. Light type. Standard and halogen bulbs require standard incandescent dimmers. A few fluorescent lights can be dimmed with special dimmer switches, but most can’t. Low-voltage lights may also require special dimmers.
  4. If the bow is too small for the new dimmer, we suggest calling a handyman or an electrician.

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