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At the end of the day, my goal is to make the homeowner excited about having a few less things to worry about, surprised that it cost less, and happy that it took less time to take care of then they had expected.

Handyman rate:

$68/hour during the workweek | Available for $85 per hour during odd hours and emergencies

Retired Seniors 10% off

For smaller jobs, a fair custom price will be given.

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Fall ToDo’s

Tis the time for pruning. You’ll be sure to fill your yard waste bin up this time of year. General pruning lengths are: 6” to a foot for roses, 2’ to 4’ for large rose bushes and other bushes. Other perennials generally are 6” for every 1’ of base diameter.

Plant bulbs and pull up annual bulbs. Planting bulbs is a lot easier before the ground freezes and a general depth rule is to plant them twice as deep as they are wide. For annual bulbs, such as cannas, pull them up, clean them of dirt, and store in sawdust or other dry media in a cool dry place.

When you are done raking leaves save enough to put a thin layer over your planting beds. Leaves are a great, free compost. In the spring you can till them into the soil before you start planting. If you have already gotten rid of your leaves, clean out your gutters and use that material. It is far better to clean the gutters in the fall so icy water can drain off your house and not weigh it down.

Stir your compost. This should be done on a monthly basis, but especially in the fall before winter hits. Turning it keeps oxygen in it which speeds up the decomposition process. Another way to keep it airy is to place branches at different levels in it. That way when you need to turn it you can just shake the branches and you’re done.

build your compost remember to add a layer of dirt and a layer of thicker twiggy material for every layer of organic material. Each layer should be about 6”.

Remember to flush your sprinklers before the frost comes. Also, to avoid water spigots from freezing, be sure they are all crack proof spigots. Older houses don’t have them, and could go at any time.

Bringing plants indoors is a process. If you have plants that go outside in the summer and come inside for the winter, it is very hard on plants to come straight in or out. Give your plants a couple of weeks to get used to the idea.

Plant them all in pots with potting soil and some “real” dirt on the bottom. Set them near the house, preferable by a door or window. This will cut off some natural sunlight and get them used to less sun indoors.

Leave them for a few weeks, remembering to water them more often as they hold less water in pots. Then bring them in, and they should have an easier adjustment to your home environment.

Next spring, when you bring them back out, leave them in the pots and bury the pots in the ground so it is easier to take them out in the fall.

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